Middle School

At a Middle School, I teach a group of 5 to 6 girls in an after school program. After the first 6 weeks of classes this winter, they all signed up for another 6 weeks of lessons. The girls really enjoy learning new recipes, and one girl loves to cook for her family so much that her mom decided to give her one night a week where she is in charge of making dinner. Every week she plans her menu and uses the recipes from our class. Her family’s favorites are Enchilada Rice, Cowboy Salad, and Splendid Fruit Salad. The girls also really enjoyed our lesson on food safety.

4th and 5th grade – series of nutrition classes

Children’s comments include:
  • I like making the smoothies the best. Because I like fruit a lot, lot, lot!!! It was fun!!!
  • I did not know about fiber in the diet. Now I know a lot.
Teacher’s observations include:
  • Students have talked about eating more wheat bread than white bread
  • I have observed students making better choices at the salad bar
  • My one autistic student now says he needs “calcium” when he eats his yogurt.”
  • Students are drinking more water and milk.

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